Welcome to 2021!  As business owners, we are all looking for new, innovative ways to market our business and the products we sell.  We at Harvest Print agree that using both digital and print marketing is the most successful way to reach your customers.  The clients we see using both forms of marketing see the most success and reap the most benefits.  

A powerful print item a business can use are banners.  Banners are inexpensive, easy to use and weather resistant.  Banners travel well and proven to get a customer’s attention.  In this article, we will talk about a few different styles of banners as well as their function and why they are proven to reach a client.  

Statistics on How Banners Work 

Vinyl Banners are a powerful way to market your brand to local business.  Did you know that every out-of-home ad dollar generates $5.97 in sales?  According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, when out of home advertising is incorporated into the mix, it increases the effectiveness of digital search by more than 40% and print by more than 14%.  Those are results worthy to share! 

Vinyl Banners are a great way to motivate a shopper to stop into your business.  Depending on the business, 15% o 45% of customers stop in on impulse.  That could be almost half of your daily traffic!  

A vinyl banner can grab a shopper’s attention and catch their business.  85 percent of your customers live within a 5 to 6 mile radius of your business which means that they see a banner 50 to 60 times per month.  Add that statistic to the $5.97 in sales per dollar spent and it makes printing an outdoor vinyl banner a no brainer!  

Are Banners Expensive? 

If you aren’t sold yet on trying out a banner for your next marketing tool, this might be the selling point – banners are inexpensive.  

Banners range in price depending on the size, the type of material and if you need a variety of weathering options.  However, all of the banners are stunning, catch a customer’s attention and are economical.  Banners are cheaper than a billboard and more visible and more stable than a yard sign.  In fact, with all the money you save using a banner to market your business, you can print multiple banners.  This would allow you to switch out your banner with the season or sale that you might be hosting.  Now we are talking!  

Exposure, Exposure, Exposure

The options for banner distribution are endless.  You can place them at busy intersections, heavy populated road routes, hang them at your store front walls or in the windows or place them where you know your target audience is frequent.  

Maximum exposure for minimal expense.  

Different Style of Banners

Depending on where and what you are advertising – there are many different banner options and tools that would work for you on your banner.  See below for the right style to fit your needs:

  1.  Wind slits – If you banner is going to be hung across the highway or at an area where there is heavy wind, we recommend you get wind slits on your banner. 
  2. Grommets – there are the holes around the banner that help you hang it without damaging the banner. 
  3. Tear Resistant/Weatherproof – if this is in a heavy traffic area where you think it would get touched quite a bit and used year after year, we recommend you print your banner on HD Polyethylene material. 
  4. Canvas – this banner material is perfect for stretching.  It’s ideal space is in storefront windows.  
  5. Mesh – This material is perfect to hang on fences as it allows 37% airflow.  It allows wind to go through without the banner bubbling.  

Need help in deciding which banner is the right option for you?  We would love to help!  We are armed with the correct knowledge to assist you to choose the correct banner to maximize your marketing with inexpensive expense.  


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