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Trade Show Giveaways
The best trade show tables have great giveaways to keep their business in the minds of potential customers. Whatever you plan to give away, we can print your company logo and information on those items for you.

Desk Items
Print your company logo or tagline on desk items such as organizers, mousepads, and more.

Provide mugs or cups for employees or potential customers that display your company’s logo. Choose the size and color mug you want, and we’ll do the rest!

Design pens that display your company’s logo and information to use in office or to hand out to customers or clients.

Bags can be a great giveaway at trade shows, with or without other giveaway items included inside. With us you can choose your bag, and we’ll print your company’s logo, tagline, and information.


Here are some other great promotional items to think about:
Wellness Items
Fitbit, coloring books, journals, aromatherapy oils, sports bottles, travel mugs, fruit infused bottles, thermal flask, pedometers, heart trackers, microfiber towels, yoga mats, sports bags.

Functional Items
Smartphone wallet, phone grips & mounts, cable managers & adapters, smartphone power backs, bluetooth speaker, ear buds.

Work Related Items
Logoed T-shirts, polos or fleece, sticky notes, travel coffee mugs or yetis, mouse pads, multi-functional highlighter, desk caddies, laser pointers & high end writing instruments, USB.

Hobby Related/Fun
Golf accessories, grill accessories, tools, gadgets, bubbles, puzzles, jumpropes, stationery, kids’ toys, tv inspired themes & retro sweets, luggage tags.

Shop & Search Promotional Items →