Direct Mail Campaign

Advertise to local or national customers using a direct mail campaign. This is the biggest way to increase your client list!  Need a list? We can help.  At Harvest Print & Marketing, we make it easy by taking care of all the details from start to finish – design, print, mail process and mail, all at an affordable rate.

Mailing Lists

Want to target a particular demographic or business to send out a mailer?  Harvest Print & Marketing can help you choose a list that will help grow your business and target the type of clients you want to reach! We can customize your list anyway you like and make as specific as you need. 

Mailing Services

With Harvest Print & Marketing you can take advantage of bulk-rate postage, cutting your mailing costs down. We  can print first class, non profit, every door direct mail & marketing mail.  We’ll print, stuff, seal, address, and post your mail, then deliver it to the post office for you.