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Every business has a brand. Whether you work at developing that brand or not (most do),  consumers see your companies image and often make their decisions based on that image. It’s crucial to promote your brand. There are endless promotional products that can do just that, however some are more effective than others. Our Top 10 List of promotional items for 2018 focuses on what works, practical products that help promote your brand in creative, functional ways that consumers will love!

  1. Wearables– A classic. From hats down to socks, headbands to sunglasses. Wearable promo items are not just a great way for your brand to be seen in the community, but they also serve as fun and fashionable threads for consumers, especially those who want to represent your brand when out and about. Long sleeve shirts and hoodies are a stylish and affordable way to keep your customers warm during winter. Get your threads screen printed or embroidered with your companies logo and offer them as a holiday gift that everyone will love to wear!
  2. Carriers/Bags– Our world is steadily growing greener. Don’t fall behind, for the sake of your brand, and of course, the earth. Picture tote bags, with your printed logo on them, being used by grocery shoppers as a way to cut back on plastic bag usage. Drawstring bags are also a lightweight and perfectly printable carrier for the gym or light travel supplies. Let these bags help carry your brand to success.
  3. Mugs/Cups– Know any coffee drinkers? Or anyone who likes a hot cup of cocoa? Of course you do. Everyone could use a mug this Winter, perhaps one with your companies image on it. If mugs aren’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of other beverage vessels, like thermoses, plastic stadium cups, even shot glasses (to assist those who indulge your brand). Place your image on a Yeti or similar double walled insulated travel tumbler.  All of these containers are just waiting to be branded and made into gifts!
  4. Chargers/Power Banks– These days, cell phones get all the credit. We use them to live, basically. To communicate, to navigate, but the truth is, cell phones would be nothing without a charger. Chargers and Portable Power Banks are used by everyone, everyday. When you give consumers your branded USB charger, your not only giving them a chance to see your brand daily, your giving them life, or, at least their phone’s life.
  5. Flash Drives– In the same tech category of chargers is the always handy USB flash drive. Students rely on them, businesses depend on them, and their frequently used in action thrillers as the source of top secret information that changes the plot of the movie. In other words, branding on these little guys is a smart move, and there are plenty of unique customizable styles that can match your brand.
  6. Pens– “The pen is mightier than the sword,” too bad when you need one, you can never find one. That’s why ordering your branded pens in bulk is a sure way to never run out. You can never have too many pens, especially in the likely case of a sword fight.
  7. Umbrellas– In business, the expression “when it rains it pours” has a very different meaning. Effectively promoting your business leads to lots of rain. Branded umbrellas keeps your customers dry while your business remains drenched. Let your clients know you’ve got them covered, with branded umbrellas.
  8. Koozies– If you’ve ever found yourself holding an ice cold beverage thinking, “Gosh darn it, this beverage is too cold,” then look no further than koozies. With every sip of their beverage, consumers will see your logo and thank you for keeping their hands at a neutral temperature, all while holding your brand in their palms. Try unique image placement, maybe double sided print with a fun message on the bottom of the koozie.
  9. Silicon Wallets– With most information being accessible on ones cell phone, the days of George Costanza sized wallets and thirty pound purses are gone. Today, the essentials are all we really need. Silicon cell phone wallets are extremely useful and are easily brandable. Silicon Wallets are a sleek adhesive silicon pouch that attaches to the back of cell phones. They come in every color imaginable. They hold several cards (debit, credit, business card) and add a bit of shock absorption to any cell phone. They’re compact and convenient ways to get your business some recognition.   
  10. Stress Balls– Have a better idea than just a ball? Stress balls are made of polyurethane foam rubber that is easily molded into, well, just about anything! Have a business mascot? Turn them into a stress ball. Stress balls can not only be shaped to your liking and preferred design, but can simply be printed on too. Best move to make now is remain calm, take some deep breaths, count backwards from ten, and order some stress balls from Harvest Print and Marketing Solutions.


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