As a marketing and print shop, we get the opportunity to work with businesses of all sizes.  From someone just starting a new venture to huge, established companies.  No matter what size the company, there are set ways that make any company look professional that won’t cost an arm & a leg.  These marketing items spread brand awareness and help sell your product. 

Research shows that someone should see a business 7 to 20 times before they feel inclined to use and remember that business… whether it’s a business based off of a “need” or a “want”.  That’s not always easy to do but below are a few good tips on making an impact on future clients; no matter the size of your company.  Ideas are listed in order of price (least to most expensive). 

  1. NAME TAG: This is the least expensive way to add a professional flare to your business.  Whether you work for a hospital, make & deliver baskets or own a coffee shop, the name tag spreads brand awareness and adds a personal flare to daily business interactions. A nametag allows you to wear what you want but to always have on “branded clothes”. A name tag adds a professional look to you daily wardrobe. There are many “networking” success stories of the name tag.  Here are a few to share: Networking – I network a lot and meet tons of different people on a weekly basis.  It makes me feel at ease when someone has a name tag on because I might remember their business but not remember their name or vice versa.  If they have on a name tag, I never hesitate to talk to them because I won’t feel silly not remembering their name or what they do.  As well, let’s reverse this situation and if someone forgets YOUR name or what YOU do, this allows them to cheat and feel better interacting with you. Keep business easy and comfortable. Out and About – Every once in a while I forget to take off my name tag.  I was in a local coffee shop where someone else saw my name tag, asked me about my business which struck up a conversation.  Literally the next day they were in our shop ordering a huge amount of items for their business.  Success.  The easiest $20 I’ve ever spent (the cost of the name tag) in getting new business. On Site – A friend of mine owns a cookie making company.  She gets asked to provide her yummy treats to many different parties, business functions and events.  When she goes onsite, her name tag allows other event guests to view her logo and it allows her to look professional because she’s branded.  She’s also gotten many different orders out from wearing her name tag at a party or a “drop off” to an event as she looked professional and approachable. 
  2. HIGH QUALITY BUSINESS CARDS It doesn’t matter the size of your company, every business needs to have business cards.  This is the easiest way to give a client your information and it 100% sets the tone of the work you do.  It’s the physical presence of who you are and what you do (besides you physically being there in person). We meet a lot of people on a daily basis and it’s a seamless way people will remember you. Historically, business cards were made in the 17th century to announce a distinguish guest to the estate owner.  Today, we use business cards in the same way – to announce our business and spread communication of who we are & where they can find us. The business card can be the traditional rectangle shape on 80# paper but a unique flare with a high quality paper, a different way of printing, or a different shape can leave a lasting impression.  Business cards are not expensive to have printed and do their job over and over and over.   
  3. BRANDED NOTECARDS: I am a HUGE believer in a hand written note.  This is the easiest way to follow up on a sales call, a meeting or an initial meeting of someone out & about.  This creates a huge impression on someone.  Think about it – everything these days is online so the best and easiest way to stand out to your clients is by getting another chance to have them see your brand again in the actual physical sense through holding your notecard.  Here we are at the 3rd possible way someone has witnessed & seen your brand when meeting you:  first through a name tag, second through a business card and third through a thank you note. A nice logoed notecard allows your client to see your logo again and looks extremely professional.  A generic thank you card creates the personal touch but loses the opportunity to spread your brand. As well, I like to send thank you notes to clients who have used our business.  This allows me to add an incentive to come back again (10% off next order, etc.) and add a personal touch from me personally.  This goes a long way to our clients and gets them coming back again and again.  We love our clients.  Why would we not thank them? Notecards are not expensive and one of the least expensive ways you can spread your brand. 
  4. BROCHURES: Every business has a story and has a need to educate their clients.  A brochure is a smooth way to do this if you don’t get the time to do education or tell your story in person.  We live in a busy world and everyone might not be able to give you the time you want.  If you can get a brochure in that person’s hand, the education is right there at their fingertips when they do have time to read over it.  There’s never an opportunity NOT to sell.  I carry around brochures in my purse and if I see an opportunity while I am out and about to leave a brochure behind, I do.  People don’t always know the capability of a business and all that you do, but with a good, laid out brochure, reading up on your business is simple, quick and informative.  Sold.  You just educated a potential client on how amazing your company is and when they are in the need of your services next, they know where to go. 
  5. PROFESSIONAL DESIGN: Professional design is listed last as it is a bit more expensive, but it’s the step you actually have to do first.  Spending money on a good company design is important.  It represents your company and, with the name, it’s the one thing your client will walk away and remember.  When you invest in a quality company design and logo, you should end up with a set shape, color palate, and tone of your company that brings your business to life.  This will also make your life extremely easy when it comes to creating anything with marketing your business as you will have your logo and colors in place.  Think of your favorite companies you use on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and try to think of their logo and design – include in your thoughts the colors, the shape, the font and how it makes you feel.  If it’s one you can remember, then they have a good design.  If it’s hard to remember, time for a stronger brand.  Make sure you work with someone who can give you a strong brand design that allows your clients to walk away and feel confident in your services.  If you work with a designer, that person should give you at least three designs for you to choose from after an initial consult.  After you have picked a design you like, the designer should layout your logo with your business name a few different ways.  For example, see how our logo is laid out two different ways. 


Running a company is not always easy but having a strong brand can come with just a few simple steps that doesn’t always have to cost a fortune. 

If you would like help in design or printing any of your marketing material, we at Harvest Print & Marketing Solutions would love to help. “Come Grow your Business with Us!”

-Krista Kleman
Co-Owner and President
Harvest Print & Marketing Solutions, LLC

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