Here at Harvest, we help take the “pain” out of Campaigning. There are multitudes of methods that candidates use to draw in voters and advertise their political message. However, most methods found on the internet such as on social media or purchased ad space can be clicked away from immediately and oftentimes seen as invasive or obnoxious. One second your googling a recipe for sponge cake then WHAM, your hit with a pop-up. Who wouldn’t look for the nearest exit button? That’s why we believe in more traditional and effective methods of promoting your message. With our help, people can view your message at their own leisure, while stopped at a red light, at the breakfast table, or even on the front lawn of your favorite neighbor. Here are six highly effective ways to help your campaign! 

Campaign Posters + Signs

Campaign signs and posters are a sure fire way to increase your advertising reach using vibrant, full color images. Whatever the size, posters and signs are a simple yet highly effective method of advertising around town. Elections don’t come around every year, so when they do, constituents are given the chance to see the names of potential candidates in their everyday settings. Most voters, whether they know it or not, need to see a name seven times before it really stays in their heads. In Marketing, this is commonly known as “The Rule of Seven.” The more posters and signs you have up around town, the more your name and message will truly reach voters.

Stickers and Buttons

I was eighteen years old when I first voted. I wore my “I Voted” sticker proudly. Let me tell you, it was solid conversation starter. It created a dialogue between my friends and others who happened to notice the sticker. Dialogue is important among voters, and while words can go a long way, a fashionable button or some personalized stickers allow constituents to wear their support anytime, anywhere.

Mailers + Postcards

A proven, direct way to rally up supporters and the biggest way to increase your following. According to recent research, the average household response rate of Direct Mail is 5.1% as opposed to email at 0.6% and social media at 0.4%. The other intangible methods aren’t even worth mentioning. Also, people are born wanting mail, to see why, check out our blog.

Brochures and Campaign Flyers

While posters and buttons can make your political message concise, a well detailed brochure or flyer offers far more information about your campaign. Educate potential supporters about your political platform. We can help you design, edit, print, and even mail them for you!

Political Door Hangers + Yard Signs

What’s the next best thing to be being invited into a supporting voters’ home? Being invited ON their home, of course. We at Harvest love helping you connect with potential voters, especially if it means your message ends up on their front lawns and doorsteps. Political expression is part of our country’s foundation. Let us help your supporters express themselves!

Political Business Cards

While you’re out shaking hands, hand out your customized business card. Business cards are very traditional and not to mention, cost effective. Business cards are a product that we provide regularly. Read here for more details on ways to promote your message on a budget. Like all of our products, we can build your personal Political Business Card from the ground up, from design and concept to printing.

We’re always here to help, especially during campaign time. We’d love to help your campaign grow from the ground up, or help you rise to the next level, no matter your platform.

Good luck on the campaign trail!

Krista Kleman
Co-Owner and President of Business Development
Harvest Print & Marketing Solutions

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